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Experiment your way to futuristic fun!

The Robots and Us traveling exhibit is a playful look at how biology and engineering are coming together to close the gap between reality and our robot dreams.

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Robots and Us provides all sorts of hands-on opportunities to explore how building artificial life can teach us about the real thing:

  • Visit Low Life Labs and find out what robot designers are learning from ants, cockroaches, and other simple forms of life.

  • Step up to the exhibit's Robot Arena and watch the impact that beams of light and other obstacles have on the paths they take from point to point

  • Visit the Garden of Sensory Delights and use your body to control the motion of its wacky robotic flowers

  • Build your own jitterbug robot using some simple materials and your own creativity. You'll see that the slightest variations in leg shape or body weight will make your jitterbug dance differently from all the rest.

  • And more!

With its memorable, hands-on exhibit components and computer interactives, Robots and Us will give you a unique chance to separate your science fiction fantasy image of robots with today's technical reality and compare your own capabilities with the best we know how to build.

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